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Homemade fumehood version 2

A fume hood is a safety cabinet for making chemical experiments preventing exposure of the user to dangerous gases and other dangers. Usually it is a ventilated closed box to drag off the gases. It is provided with a transparent front door so that the user can view the experiments safely. All chemical laboratories use fume hoods for performing their experiments.

As I sometimes work with acids for cleaning jewelry or do other things which expel noxious gases I decided to make my own fume hood. Of course not as professional as in labs, but it works. From an old small table with drawers from the trash I made it. I got some extra stuff from the local hardware store chain.

In 2009 I made the first trial version a small one.
In June 2010 I moved to a new home and there I installed a completely new room for my metalsmithing (silver and gold) and a larger fumehood for melting metals, soldering and chemical experiments as well. Its size is 90cm wide, 66cm deep and 80cm high with a Lexan front door which can shifted up as usual in 'real' lab fumehoods

When I use it for melting metals (up till 300g of copper / silver / cast iron) too much heat is produced for the fan so I remove the fan and attach an aluminum stove pipe until 10cm above the furnace exhaust. This removes the heat safely from the fume hood with natural drag while the lid of the furnace can still be opened to get the crucible with hot metal.

Movie of burning sugar mixed with KClO3in this fumehood.

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